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Disneys “Frozen” Medley - Albert and Tiffany Chang

This was amazing!

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Cyclops the Dramatic Loser-Winner

Before I immerse myself in Camp NaNoWriMo and feel like stabbing my hands, let me ramble about Scott “controversial” Summers of the movie flavor, because that particular urge has yet to leave my system.

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What was school like for you guys?


What a suck-up.

Let’s talk about Tao and his social sense for a moment, because although it tends to be the butt of jokes, the presentation is brilliant and dates as far back as his days in the DA-5.

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I like to underestimate Zexion a lot.

It’s interesting how, despite being vaunted as the token tactician, Zexion’s downfall in Chain of Memories is instigated by his inexperience. He screws up the exact second his “team” dwindles down to just him.

It says a lot.

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